PSTEC Videos for your Website

If you are creating a PSTEC Affiliate website or a therapist website or just a page dedicated to PSTEC on your existing website, here are some options for videos and web pages…

Choice of PSTEC Videos For Your Website

Visit this web page with a summary and explanation of some of the videos available for your web pages…
Choice of PSTEC Videos for Your Website

Individual Videos – These are all about 90 seconds each and are various versions of a quick explanation of what PSTEC is all about.

PSTEC Video 1 – for Affiliates

PSTEC Video 2 – PSTEC Therapist’s Video No. 1

PSTEC Video 3 – PSTEC Therapist’s Video No. 2


Special Video – This video is about 8 minutes long and you can use this as an additional video on your site…

How to Be Happy Video


PSTEC Videos on YouTube

If you prefere the YouTube format, the videos are also available on YouTube.  Click on the link below to see a lineup of various YouTube videos that you can use for your campaigns, promotions, web pages, web sites, emails and more.


If you have any questions, go to the Contact and Support section and let us know how we can help you in this area.